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Hello everyone, 

The last few weeks I have been working on a new 1.12.2 version of Dragon Industries, and I am pleased to say I have gotten it to a point where you guys can try it out and test it. There is no beta server. Please have a play with it, and report any bugs or issues, and feel free to make suggestions on the recipes and mods.

Dragon Industries reset is schedualled for Friday 1st June - I will however be bringing down a week early in order to pre-generate as much as the overworld map as possible before anyone joins, it will be whitelisted for that duration as it will generate a lot of lag (so you get none when you play!). I would have liked to do it a few weeks sooner than this, but due to work, this is the most appropriate time for me.

Because I am in need of feedback and suggestions, anyone who gives me helpful feedback, suggestions and/or bug reports will be in the runnings to win some prizes (maybe even irl cash!), those prizes will depend on the quanity and quality of the feedback.


Please make sure you state you're using the beta version of the modpack

Please be sure to join our Discord for all up to date news and updates.

I am most looking forward to your responses.

~ Alice

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