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Everlands 3

By [Admin] yepidoodles - Posted Jan 13, 18

Hello everyone!

Everlands has been reset and updated to 1.12.2, I did this a few days ago, however I have been working so was unable to get everything finished until now. Just update your current Everlands modpack to join us (you may need to delete completely before updating to get rid of any old files). 

Some notable changes in the new version:

  • Animania has been added! This greatly changes the animal mechanics, so if you'd like to farm animals, you will need to learn this mod.
  • Our protection plugin has been changed from Nations to Grief Prevention. This was due to a lack of development in Nations, and Grief Prevention adding Town support.
  • Voting has been replaced with daily rewards (/dr show). This is due to having repeated issues with voting over the last year; you can still vote to support us, however you will not recieve in game rewards.
  • We have had to change home plugin due to the one we have been using not working; we're now using the traditional /sethome, etc.
  • You can now purchase Claim Blocks and in game cash with Enjin points (Earnt currency - you can not donate for this).
  • With 1.12.2 still being rather new, we're technically in beta, with many mods having new issues/ bugs and several having a few features missing from previous versions (Iron backpacks is missing many features). If you find any issues/ bugs/ exploits, please report them either directly to me, on #help on Discord or via our Github issue tracker.
  • Our automatic punishment system (DTPunishment) is currently missing, however I have commissioned a member of the Sponge community to port it for us. This costs us money, so please consider donating to help us cover the cost and afford new commissions in the future (Auction plugin!).

There are many other small changes too, if you have any questions about those, please be sure to ask, either via the comments below, PM me, or join our Discord: https://discord.gg/ghFKCdw - We post all of our news and updates on Discord, so be sure to join as to not miss any of the action!

The permissions database was copied from Dragon Industries (as it is the most up to date), so if you have only joined Everlands in the last few months, you may now be missing your rank, to get it fixed, just ask a member of staff online, or ask in #help on Discord.

Building Competitions

They are back! And starting off this month, we have a Chisels and Bits theme of "Hot Air Balloons", see here for details. Closing date is 15th Febuary, and all following competitions will run from mid month.

Donation Rank Sale

We've been running a 15% off sale on ranks for a couple weeks now, unfortunetly no one has taken advantage of this sale, so I will be extending it by a further 5 days. Closing date now 20th January. 

I think that covers everything for now, I hope you're having a wonderful new year,

All my love,


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