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Hello everyone!

Today we will be starting a partnership with a community called PPMC, they are a community based around Pixelmon and have a popular 1.10.2 Pixelmon server. We will be working together to improve and grow both our communties and servers, so give them all your love, and if you like Pixelmon, be sure to pop by thier server!


Their server uses only one mod, Pixelmon v5.0.4 for 1.10.2, thier IP is mc.playpixelmon.org.

Their Discord link: https://discord.gg/DKTx6x3

Thier Website: http://www.playpixelmonmc.com/

If you have any questions about their server, be sure to ask on their website or Discord, if you have questions about the partnership, please do not hesitate to ask me.

I will update you all on anything new that comes with this partnership in the future.

All my love,

- Alice

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