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Everlands Relaunch

By [Admin] yepidoodles - Posted Mar 31, 17

Hello everyone,

Firstly I'd like to apologise for how long this has taken, I've been mostly unwell the last few weeks which has made it hard to get any work done, feeling much better now, so here we are!

Introducing Everlands 2.3

Everlands is now based on Agriculture, Adventure and Building. We no longer have a custom map, quests or RPG mods (Except those based around Agriculture). We're still taking mod suggestions for the modpack so please post any you have in the forum.

One of the reasons I decided to re-work Everlands was because I couldn't keep up with the maintence, it is now very easy for me to maintain so it will stay up to it's full potential again. 

Ranks have been copied from Dragon Industries 3, so if you played on EL2 or DI3 previously you will have your ranks, otherwise  be sure to let me or an Admin know your rank is incorrect. Only rank which will not be carried over is Technic as you will need a different rank for that, if you've already liked the Everlands Modpack be sure to let an Admin know, if not, check the Wiki for instructions on how to get your rewards. The rewards are now the same as DI3, 5 nether stars and $10k in game cash.

I downloaded the spawn building from here, I built the shop plots around the spawn to be as big as they are so you can build nice fancy shops, as part of the theme is Building. There are 40 plots, maximum of 3 plots per player and do not build higher than the spawn building.

The modpack is relatively untested so there may be some need to adjust recipes, fix bugs and ban more items. If you're concerned about anything be sure to let me know.

Also a little reminder to everyone, we're now giving out rewards to everyone when we hit our monthly donation limit and I plan to add more donation rank options and change it up a bit. We need to hit that monthly goal every month if we expect to upgrade our hardware any time in the next year or so.

As always if you have any questions, need anything at all, be sure to PM me or message me on Discord, my door is always open.

All my love,


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