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By [Admin] yepidoodles - Posted Feb 21, 17

Hello everyone,

Some updates:

  • I've switched our Permissions plugin out so that default ranks work, this also means everyone's in-game rank has been reset (Sorry!), just let an Admin know (Remember to tell them which server, or both). As long as you've joined the server before, your rank can be fixed. If you're a new player, when you get Member rank it will automaticly be added.
  • Voting is still not working, waiting on the plugin dev to release a fix.
  • I will be working on the Enjin Points store today, you'll be able to spend your Enijn points on in-game items or permissions - I'll find more ways for you to earn Enjin Points (Suggestions are welcome!)
  • Remember to keep your modded items in-doors to avoid greif. 
  • [DI3] We can now sell Shop Plots (yay!), as soon as I've picked a player shop plugin, you'll be able to buy a plot at spawn.
  • Please use the new format for Mod Suggestions (It's at the top of the mod suggestion forums) - any made not using it will be disregarded.

As always:

  • Check the changelogs for all changes.
  • If you have any questions, thoughts or well, anything, feel free to send me a message.
  • If you have any issues, please make use of the Ticket System.

All my love,

- Alice

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