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2017 Updates

By [Admin] yepidoodles - Posted Jan 20, 17

Hello everyone!

As most of you are aware, we have been working hard towards making our servers 1.10.2. We have had our Beta modpacks for a while, you can find those and documention about the mods and modpacks here

Release Dates:

Everlands 2: Changed to 20th 25th - Server is down until then.

Sorry about the delay, the map is taking longer to finish than expected. It will 100% definetly be launched on the 25th, finished map or otherwise.

Dragon Industries 3: 15th Feburary

These are subject to change. I will post updates here.

I am struggling to get the Everlands 2 map finished so if you are a builder (And good at medieval style buildings) please let me know if you want to help. For those whom have done some work on the map in the past, please help me finish it in time.

If you know how to code Java, please help me finish my plugins, I will send you the details if you message me. 

If you can't build or code, please try the beta modpacks and report any bugs, issues or items which may need banning. 

I'm sorry for the state of which Dragon Industries 2 has been in, which is why I have been working extra hard to get these new servers up and running.

I'd also like to thank everyone who donated this month, it made up for our lack of donations for the last few months. Donation sale is still on until the 31st. All ranks will carry to the next servers.

I hope everyone had a lovely winter holiday peroid. 

All my love,


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