So once again with the permission of yepidoodles i plan on attempting to revive Arcana Techonologies for our current version, this brings about a few changes though, first and foremost we do not currently have a server available so this pack will be hosted primarily as singleplayer unless donations pick up and theirs enough interest in seeing it made for 1 (those of you who have offered to host it in the past or may wish to do so i appreciate it but as a DT supported pack its unlikely it will be put on a private owned server to ensure that the staff always has access, and that the quality is what DT strives for).

Next difference is my schedule is much fuller then it used to be meaning i will not have as much time to work on it as i have in the past, please bare with me but i will try to make sure that the end result is something that is very enjoyable to play.

I have not started yet so now is a excellent time to put in your mod suggestions, please post them here where others can show support if they feel they would be enjoyable or support mods that are currently being considered if youd like to see them, as usual all submissions to be considered must be hosted on curse or the developers own website for security reasons, please format mod suggestions with the name, the reason for inclusion a link to the download page and preferably at least 1 video guide in english, the current list of planned mods (IF their are no conflicts) is...

thermal expansion and its components, potentially with arsenal
Applies energistics 2 potentially with ae2 stuff
Environmental Tech
Immersive Engineering
Blood magic
Astral Sorcery
chisel and bits

Extreme Reactors (very overpowered, may be considered with tweaks)
Draconic evolution (same reason)
Actually Additions (depends on player demand and performance)
Forestry, binnies bees and trees (if their is sufficient desire for them)
Pams harvestcraft (also depends on player demand)
Industrial Foregoing (player demand and if performance has improved)
Advanced generators (can be customized to accept many different types of fuel with configurable power values)
Botania (If player demand outweighs performance issues)
Embers (depending on how large the pack gets, if included it will probably include the Aetherworks addon)
Matter overdrive/Matter overdrive horizon (depends on the level of completion of horizon nearing the packs completion)
a questing mod ("IF" active people volunteer to help with quests, this is very conditional and will not be included without major support)
some sort of personal progress mod such as classes, leveling or even scaling health (may be phased out if a server becomes available)
robotic parts and rewired (depending on performance, pack size and compatibility, may be phased out)
spice of life (depending on how easy or hard pack progression becomes and will only be included if pam's is as well)

Mekanism (due to the difficulty in balancing, performance and bugs especially if it gets a server)
Ic2/Tech reborn (while im fond of those mods their is a number of support issues along with completion status)
Extra Utilities 2 (support issues along with many items that would be difficult to balance)
Refined Storage (do to several common or major bugs in the past and the redundancy with ae2)
Mods with extensive world generation unless their is extreme support, such mods include rogue like dungeons and biomes aplenty.

As a final note if it appears unlikely that Arcana will become available to play on a server this time would you prefer to see more singleplayer focused mods such as scaling health Included in this pack? Show your opinion in the poll.