Hello everyone,

As you may have noticed, we have recently renamed Everlands to Farmitect. We decided on this action due to a conflict with the original author of Everlands, Distantgoth. To keep both parties happy, we have also migrated the Technic version to a new modpack; the curse version remains unaffected. As far as the modpack and server is concerned, nothing has been changed, the map and all it's settings remain, the modpack has only simply been renamed.

Also we have changed all our Graphics. Our original graphics were made by our co-owner, Magnusri. However he has had little time to contribute to our community of late, so I commissioned CRAZY_LEWIS, one of our Admins, to re-create all the graphics, as he will be able to make more in the future as and when we need them. So, a very big thank you to him for the hard work he put into them.

If you have any questions about either subject in this post, please either post your question below or join our Discord.

~ Alice