For MyTown2 you will require Emeralds to pay

Creating a town
Cost: 8 emeralds
/town new <name>

Creating a town is only way to fully protect your home/builds.
Any buildings unprotected are done so at owners risk.

Set a town spawn
/town setspawn

Players to visit your town spawn
/town spawn [townname]

Permission changes, if required
Turn off hostile mobs:
/town perm set mobs passives

Stop residents from building anywhere except their own plot:
/town perm set restricted true

Other available flags:
In towns and plots:
  • enter
  • access
  • pickup
  • pvp
  • pve
  • mobs
  • usage
  • activate
  • fakers
In towns only:
  • modify
  • explosions
  • restrictions
  • nearby
More information here

Creating Town plots

Selector tool to build plots
/town plot new <name>
right click on the first corner of the plot, and then right click the second corner, this will create the plot

Add a owner to town plots
/town plot add owner <name>

Inviting players to your town
/town invite <name>

Accept a join town invite
/town accept

Adding friends
/town friends invite <name>

Accept a freind invite
/town friends accept
*This will give them access to everything you have access to*

Please report any bugs or issues into the relevant forum post